• December 12, 2021

Practically 30% Efficiency for Next-Generation Tandem Solar Cells

The present sun based modules are primarily made of silicon, and opportunities for additional expansions in productivity have effectively been to a great extent took advantage of. However, beginning around 2008, the material class of “metal halide perovskites” has moved into the focal point of examination: these semiconductor intensifies convert daylight into electrical energy quite…

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Amazon and Caltech Partner to Create New Quantum Computing

This past year, a new two-story building took shape in the northeast corner of the Caltech campus. Though modest in design, what takes place inside the structure could transform the future of computing. The building is the AWS Center for Quantum Computing, the result of a partnership between Caltech and Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing…

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Create New Quantum Computing Hub With Power Comes Fragility

The ability of qubits to take on multiple states at once is what gives quantum computers the potential to be exponentially more powerful than classical computers for certain types of problems, including those in chemistry, finance, cryptography, and more. But that power comes with drawbacks. Qubits are very fragile; any slight perturbations, such as vibrations…

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